• newspaper ink

    This is thoroughbred low rub ink series has with fast setting, good set -off, clean colors and sharp printing, and quick plate clearing on start-up. We produce these inks in three viscosity ranges.

  • soy oil based ink

    Soy oil based ink - Ecolon Green, Royal Green are environment-friendly soy inks containing more than 20% soy oil. Approved by American Soybean Association

  • web fed offset ink

    Web fed offset ink - Quick-set web-fed offset inks with highest color intensity, low rub, little set-off, clean sharp printing and quick plate clearing.

  • voc free ink

    voc free ink

    VOC free ink - Ecolon MC is a hard drying process ink, based on the superior Ecolon technology, for matt coated paper. It is not overnight non-skinning.

  • inks for printing

    inks for printing

    Inks for printing - Royal Gold and Royal Silver inks are formulated using the latest technology. Superior gloss ink transfer, premium image, etc.

  • south korea ink

    south korea ink

    South Korea ink - Kwang Myung ("Shining Bright") Ink Manufacturing Company is an expanding, privately owned ink manufacturer, based in Busan, Korea.

  • soy-ink-manufacturers

    soy ink manufacturers

    Soy ink manufacturers - Royal Green is a high quality process ink series with an excellent balance of press performance and print properties.